Derek Plays Eric

ANDREAS WILLERS - acc & el. guitar, voc
JAN RODER - bass & el. bass
CHRISTIAN MARIEN - drums its beginnings has been a field of experimentation in musical expression by alternative sounds and rhythmic perception as well as increasingly political and social content, often nurtured by a good chunk of improvisation (esp. live). The potential of commercial appeal was soon discovered, while the musicians mostly stayed in charge of the artistic direction for quite some years. This position, supported by the audience, stood in a rad contrast to the commonly spread quasi industrial genre production for a predefined target group. Improvised Music, or Free Jazz, which evolved simultaneously, also was sort of a movement with social bearing. The explorative breakup of hierarchic structures was put forward by means of new harmonic and rhythmic concepts. As opposed to rock music this kind of music making has vastly defied itself from commercialization to this day. Derek plays Eric is striking a bond between these attitudes with the license to merge the elements of free improvisation with the roots of rock music as an alternative to the prevalent and general trend to oversimplify and commercialize music. A chance to watch and sense the world in a parallel universe, where artistic and mental freedom are highly regarded. A metamorphosis of disparate stilistics is aspired in an open, creative process. Starting point is the seizure of different overlying musical drifts in the period of ca. 1964-74, but in a non-retrospective manner and by charging it with contemporary elements and methods from new music, non- idiomatic improvisation, jazz and noise/rock in a non-academic experiment in musical dialectics which is unhampered by academic domestication.

. Andreas Willers/Jan Roder/Christian Marien - March 2018

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