Jan Roder


Jan Roder - bass

Recorded at AudioCue Tonlabor
Berlin January 22/30 & February 23, 2008
Mastering: Rainer Robben,
Execitive Producer: Ulli Blobel
Design:wppt.kommunikation, Klaus Untiet
Produced by Jan Roder
Published by Jazzwerkstatt CD 037 / 2008


In contrast to these exercises in group interaction, bassist Jan Roder – whose solid rhythm is the rock on which Monk’s Casino rests – goes it alone on Double Bass Jazzwerkstatt 037, unveiling multiple strategies as his modulated plucks alternate with metronomic inventions plus abrasive bow scratches. “Naŭ” captures slaps, pulls and thumps. “Ses” deals with staccato, strident and subterranean double-stopping – one texture resembles pooch barks, another is airily melodic. Then there’s “Kvar”, which uses crumpled paper placed among the strings to create rattling noises that upticks to sul ponticello creaks. The piece concludes with adagio note clusters executed with guitar-like facility. -Ken Waxman for Whole Note Vol. 14 #9

Jan Roder Solo