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new CDs in November and December

In November the new CD of 'Die Enttäuschung', 'Lavaman' will be released on Intakt.

In January the wonderful duo of tromboneplayer Christof Thewes and me will be out on Gligg

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brandnew JR3 review from 'The Free Jazz Collective'

Ok, let's not judge this one by its cover. These guys do not exactly look like happy jazzers, but crack the CD open and listen, this is intense music, vivacious, vigorous, and full of lively twists and turns.
Happy Jazz delves into free improvisation with zeal, electric guitar lines snake around expressive bass work while bass clarinet melodies range from sonorous to squelching. The total sound is rife with possibilities and the trio explores them all. JR3 is named after Jan Roder, the bassist in this Berlin-based trio, along with bass clarinetist Rudi Mahall and guitarist Olaf Rupp. All renown members of the European experimental music scene, it is exciting to hear their restless music on the adventurous Relative Pitch label.
The title track begins with a gentle melody introduced by Mahall and soon accompanied by crisp atonal sweeps and crunchy tonal clusters from Rupp. In his more brittle moments, the guitar work is slightly reminiscent of Derek Bailey, but Rupp has a textural approach that is all his own. Roder, via elongated bowed notes and rapid pizzicato flights, connects the musicians with aplomb.
The group's close listening and lightning fast reactions are exemplified in the track 'Das Bildnes Der Doris Day'. Beginning with quick burst of activity from Rupp and a sizzling stream of notes from Mahall, the musicians seemingly go off in separate directions, yet always remaining tightly connected, finding ways to hook into each other's musical tangents. Another highlight, especially for the guitar fans, is 'Arm durch, Kopfuber', where Rupp can be heard dropping chord shards and spicy counter-melodies to Mahall's zig-zagging bass clarinet lines. His blustery scampers around the fret board is mesmerizing. Roder's solo, as much as it is a solo and not just the song, scratches, stretches, and slides about while Mahall loops around with bubbly melodic lines and hackle-raising squawks.
Happy Jazz is a really great document of contemporary free improvisation coming out of Berlin. It isn't always an easy album, but it is happy: the joy of playing, experimenting, and creating really shines through.

by Paul Acquaro

New CD on Intakt in June

Silke Eberhard Trio - The Being Inn

new CD out on April 12th, 2017

JR3 - Happy Jazz

first review from Dountown Jazz Magazine

R3 [OLAF RUPP / RUDI MAHALL / JAN RODER] - Happy Jazz (Relative Pitch 1055; USA) The JR3 are Rudi Mahall on clarinet & bass clarinet, Olaf Rupp on electric & acoustic guitar and Jan Roder on double bass. The title of this disc, ‘Happy Jazz’, as well as the modest picture of three “normal” looking musicians on the cover are meant to be rather ironic or at least tongue-in-cheek. All but one of the tracks were recorded in a studio called Happy Barn so consider that as well. No doubt you should recognize the names of these three Berlin-based musicians from a host of previous sessions: Olaf Rupp (solos, duos & trios with Tristan Honsinger, Joe Williamson & Michael Wertmuller; Rudi Mahall: prolific sessions with Alex Von Shlippenbach and Aki Takase and Jan Roder: Die Enttauschung (w/ Mahall), Schlippenbach and Ulrich Gumpert.
This sounds like an all improvised session and a strong, spirited and often intense one. There are moments when it is difficult to tell who is playing what since Mr. Rupp sounds like he is manipulating his strings with objects and the bowed bass and quirky clarinet play in similar timbral or textural areas. There is also a dark, brooding, hypnotic quality to much of this, certainly not happy jazz but equally effective. Guitarist Olaf Rupp does a fine job of creating these eerie swirls which sound great with ever-shifting clarinet and contrabass excursions. There is section on the fourth track where things erupt and move into a furious exchange, all three players navigating quick rapids together and sounding like one focused force combined.
What I find most interesting about this is that even though it is referred to as “happy jazz”, it doesn’t quite sound like “jazz”. It does sound like some incredibly creative free improvisation which is restless and always engaged. This activity does make me smile and will no doubt make that serious listener happy as well.
- Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG




1. Die Enttäuschung - Leibnitz, Festival
4. elErerer - Berlin, Sowieso
5. Tama - Uster
6. Tama - Genf, AMR
10. Monks Casino - Berlin, Kulturbrauerei
11. Monks Casino - Amsterdam, Bimhuis
13. Monks Casino - Hannover, Jazzclub
14. Monks Casino - Heppenheim
27. Edith Steyer - Berlin, Mim
29. Silvan Jeger - Zürich, Moods
30. Soulisten - Eutin
31. Soulisten - Schwerin


7. Free Jam - Berlin, Aufsturz
8. JazzLyrikProsa - Erfurt
10. Gerd Adloff, Lesung - Berlin
17. Kastanie Night - Berlin, bei Gabor
25. Silke Eberhard Trio - Altbüron,Bau 4
30. Bass-Projekt - Berlin, House of Life


2. Silkke Eberhard Trio - Zärich, Unerhört Festival
8. Derek plays Eric - Berlin, Aufsturz
9. Derek plays Eric - Sassnitz, Grundvighaus
14. Die Enttäuschung - Villach
15. Die Enttäuschung - Ulm
16. Die Enttäuschung - Heiligenwald, Spielraum
21. CvdG Profekt - Berlin, Bflat
27. JR3 - Hamburg, Golem
28. Tama - Berlin, Sowieso
29. Tama - Berlin, Sowieso

past dates



1. Streetfighters - Berlin, Aufsturz
2. Streetfighters - Zwickau, tba
9. Transeo/ Ein Roder Thewes - Berlin, Sowieso
10. Anna Kaluza Quartett - Berlin, Bflat
14. Reich durch Jazz - Berlin, tba
15. The Most - Hamburg, Golem
19. Derek plays Eric - Berlin, Schlot
20. Soulisten - Erfurt
22. Didrik Ingvaldson Trio - Berlin, Aufsturz
23. Die Dicken Finger unplugged - Berlin, Sowieso
25. CVDG Projekt - Nürnberg, Tafelhalle
28. Ulrich Gumpert Quartett - Wien, Porgy & Bess
29. WWUJ - Wien, Sehsaal


12. Ruf der Heimat - Berlin, NoVilla
22. Tyson Nayler - Berlin, T-Berlin
25. Griener Roder Thewes - Berlin, Sowieso
26. Griener Roder Thewes _ Heoligenwald, Spielraum
27. Jan Roder Solo - Saarbrücken, Zing
29./30. Friedberger Musiksommer - Friedberg


1. Soulisten - Niendorf an der Ostsee
2. Flechsenhar Trio - Berlin, Bflat
6. Silke Eberhard Trio - Berlin, Sowieso
8. Monks Casino - Vigo
12. Dannullis - Hamburg, Golem
15. Tama - Ottobrunn, Enja Festival
20. Monks Casino - Molde Jazz Festival
28. Monks Casino - Berlin, ZigZag Club
29. Derek plays Eric - Berlin, NoVilla
29. Baby Bonk - Berlin, NoVilla


1. Monks Casino - Bergen, Natjazz Festival
10. Keys & Screws - Peitz, Festival
13. Henkel, Lindhorst, Roder, Griener - Berlin, T-Berlin
14. Gabriel Coburger - Hamburg, Golem
17. Jantonio und Michael - Berlin, Sowieso
19. Thomas Borgmann 'doublebass' - Berlin, Bflat
24. Silke Eberhard Trio - Bernbeuren
31. Soulisten - tba


5. Ruf der Heimat + Sauer und Roder - Berlin, House of Live
12. Ulrich Gumpert Quartett - Münster, Black Box
14. Paul Brody - Berlin, Leerer Raum
14. Ulrich Gumpert Quartett - Berlin, NoVilla
19. Tama - Darmstadt, Jazzinstitut
21. Paul Brody - Berlin, Leerer Raum
25. Soulisten - Berlin, Zionskirche
25. Christian Magnussen Quartett - tba
26. Soulisten - Erfurt
27. Maria Raducanu - Bukarest
28. Maria Raducanu Quartett - Bukarest
31. Vlatko Kucan Trio - Hamburg, Golem


1. Satoko Fuiji - Berlin, Kühlspot
5.-7. Workshopband - Saarbrücken, Freejazzfestival
7. Die Enttäuschung - Saarbrücken, Freejazzfestival
9. Epilog - Saarbrücken, Freejazzfestival
12. Hein/Heather/Roder - Berlin, Sowieso
13. JR3 - Berlin, Sowieso
14. Monks Casino, Berlin-Aufsturz
15. Monks Casino, Berlin-Aufsturz
16. Monks Casino, Berlin-Aufsturz
20. Amy & die Hilfssheriffs, Berlin- Sowieso
21. Ulrich Gumpert Quartett, Magdeburg-Jazz in der Kammer
22. Friedheln Schönfeld Workshop Ensemble-Jazztreff Karlshorst
26. Flechsenhar Trio - Berlin, Donau 115


16. Silke Eberhard Trio - Karlsruhe
17. Silke Eberhard Trio - Schorndorf Manufaktur
18. Silke Eberhard Trio - Nürnberg Jazzstudio
19. Tama - Freiburg
20. Tama - Baden
21. Roder/Thewes - Berlin bei Gabor
22. Roder/Thewes & guest - Hamburg, Golem
24. Roder/Thewes quartett - Saargemünd
25. Roder/Thewes & guests - Heiligenwald, Spielraum
26. Silke Eberhard Trio - Münster, Cuba
29. Narvesen/Ingvaldsen/Roder - Berlin, Sowieso

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